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Caribbean (photo:

A Caribbean cruise is all about beach, water sports, shopping and discovering different cultures. The Caribbean islands each have their own personality.

The Caribbean is divided into three regions in which there are very varied cruise itineraries.

West Caribbean: The Mexican Riviera, Belize, Honduras. With these itineraries you will have the opportunity to discover the Mayan ruins.

Eastern Caribbean: The most popular Caribbean destination due to its proximity to the United States. But these islands are also very touristy.

Southern Caribbean:These are the West Indies, you will find more picturesque islands influenced by French, British and Dutch cultures.

Map of the Caribbean

Map: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), via Wikimedia Commons

When to take a Caribbean cruise?

The high season is of course the period that extends from the Christmas holidays to the spring break.

The hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. August, September and October are particularly at risk for many storms. If you don’t get seasick and you don’t have any objections to your itinerary being changed completely, you can save money during this time.

Ports of Calls