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Baltic Sea

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Cruises in the Baltic Sea offer a rich range of different cultures. The Baltic Sea is an inland sea of northern Europe surrounded by the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic countries, Russia, Germany and Poland.

When to take a cruise in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea cruise season is from May to September. The duration of the day (sunshine) is at its peak on the summer solstice towards the end of June. Since the Baltic Sea is located very north, it feels like the sun never sets (there is always a glimmer light on the horizon).

Departure ports for cruises in the Baltic Sea

Cruises to the Baltic Sea usually depart from the ports of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warnemünde (Berlin), Amsterdam or London.

For departures from London and Amsterdam, the cruise usually starts with 2 days at sea, which gives you time to relax a little. Airfares departing from London and Amsterdam are also generally cheaper. On the other hand, a departure from Copenhagen, Berlin or Stockholm will allow you to arrive a few days early and explore the region in more depth.

Ports of call

Baltic cruises usually stop at the ports of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin (Warnemünde), Tallinn. Other ports visited vary by cruise lines and may include Oslo, Kiev and other ports in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

Cruise lines and itineraries

The majority of cruise lines offer itineraries in the Baltic Sea. These itineraries vary between 7 days and 14 days, depending on the port of departure and the ports of call.

Princess offers an impressive variety of itineraries, some of which include stops in Oslo, Lithuania or Poland. Norwegian (NCL) offers a 9-day ride and is a more economical alternative.

Popular companies such as Celebrity (Amsterdam, London), Princess (London, Copenhagen, Berlin/Warnem-nde), Norwegian (NCL) (Copenhague), Royal Caribbean (London, Copenhagen and Stockholm), Holland America (Copenhague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Costa (Amsterdam and Kiel) and MCS (Kiel) are present.

Luxury companies are also present (Cunard, Azamara, Seabourn, Oceania, Crystal and Windstar)

Destination Highlights

St. Petersburg is the star destination of this itinerary. Most companies stay two days in this port which is not too much to appreciate the history and all the attractions of this city. You need a visa to visit St. Petersburg independently. However, if you book a cruise ship tour, it will not be necessary, as you will be covered by a group visa.

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