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George Town
Cayman Islands

The port of George Town is located to the west of Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the Cayman Islands. This city, very clean and safe, is the capital of the Cayman Islands. The population of the Caymans is about 50,000 people. In addition to the beautiful white sand beaches, there are many shops (colored Caymanite or black coral), restaurants, the National Cayman Islands Museum and the Maritime Museum. The port offers water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and glass-bottom boat trips.

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Cayman Islands dollar - The U.S. dollar is generally accepted and prices are displayed in U.S. dollars in tourist shops.

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Time difference

UTC: -5

from New York: None

from San Francisco: +2h

from London: -5h


A 15% tip will be appreciated in restaurants.

°C °F

MonthTemperature (Celcius)Temperature (Fahrenheit)Precipitations
23 73
25 77
26 79
22 72
25 77
26 79
23 73
26 79
27 81
25 77
27 81
28 82
26 79
27 81
29 84
27 81
28 82
30 86
27 81
28 82
30 86
27 81
29 84
30 86
26 79
29 84
30 86
26 79
27 81
29 84
25 77
27 81
28 82
23 73
25 77
27 81

Where is locate the Port of Georgetown

Cruise ships anchor offshore, and tender boats will take you to one of the two wharves in downtown Georgetown. George Town's main historic sites are within walking distance of the harbour.

Travelling around the port of George Town

Grand Cayman is an excellent port to explore independently, as you will find many beaches, promenades, cafes and shops. You can easily walk or rent a bike.

There are several public buses that run through the area and are a very economical means of transport. Authorized buses have blue license plates and accept U.S. dollars and Cayman Islands currency. There are a few bus stops around the island, but buses can be hailed at any time. The bus station is located near the library in front of the Hero’s Square Fountain.

  • Yellow, Route 1: George Town, via Seven Mile Beach, West Bay
  • Lime Green, Route 2: George Town via Seven Mile Beach in West Bay
  • Blue, Route 3: George Town to Bodden Town
  • Violet, Route 4: George Town to East End
  • Red, Route 5: George Town to East End and North Side
  • Dark Green, Route 6: North Side to West Bay
  • Orange, Route 8: George Town to Hutland on the North Side

You can also rent a car. It is more economical to book in advance via the internet. You will need to buy a low-cost driver’s license on site. Be careful, driving is on the left, but the driver’s side is on the right.

Taxis are available at the port. Many do not have a meter. Validate the price before you leave. Most taxis are minivans and drivers accept a minimum of 4 passengers.

Other ports in the area

Activities in George Town

Historical sites

The Pedro St. James “Castle” is considered the cradle of democracy in the Cayman Islands. In 1831, residents gathered there to elect the first Legislative Assembly. The large house is the oldest stone structure on the island.

Fort George, a small fortification on the George Town harbour, is one of three built heritage sites remaining in central George Town dating back to the 1700s and it was constructed by Caymanians using local coral rock and limestone.



The city of Hell is located on a field of sharp black rocks that resemble the surface of hell. It is certainly a tourist trap where you can buy some souvenirs and send a postcard that is obliterated “From Hell”.



The museum is located at the main port entrance. It is the oldest building on the island which was over time a dance hall, a post office, a prison and the courthouse. The museum offers interactive exhibits about the fauna, flora and history of the Cayman Islands, as well as temporary exhibitions.


Grand Cayman is famous for Seven Miles Beach

Rum Point

Popular beach, but more distant from the crowds

Smith’s Cove

Popular beach, but more distant from the crowds

Cayman Kai

Popular beach, but more distant from the crowds

Family activities

In the shallow waters of the West Bay, you can swim in Stingray City, where you can touch and feed the stingrays.

16,000 turtles live in Cayman Turtle Farm. This farm is a fertile habitat and a unique research centre for five species of green turtles. You will be informed about conservation efforts and you will be able to see baby turtles.

Located in West Bay across from Turtle Farm, Dolphin Discovery offers a chance to swim with dolphins in a large pool.


This botanical garden is located on the North Side and is 65 acres. You’ll find natural wetlands and colourful floral gardens.

Excursions in George Town

Several kiosks are located at the port to book a last-minute excursion. However, prices are not necessarily cheaper than those offered by the cruise line.

Scuba diving is very popular and many shipwrecks are accessible.

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