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The port of Amsterdam is the port of embarkation for various cruises in northern Europe. Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, is famous for its liberal laws, red light, canals and windmills. This beautiful and picturesque city has more than 7000 historic buildings located on the streets along the canals.

Amsterdam is small enough that much of the city can be walked around. You can admire the typical facades of the houses, the house boats and the floating flower market. The facades of the houses are very narrow, as the taxes were paid according to the space occupied by the facade on the street. Notice also the beams at the top of the gables, they are used to hoist furniture when moving.

With so much to see and do, Amsterdam is ideal for a stay of a few days before or after the cruise.

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Where is locate the Port of Amsterdam

The **Amsterdam cruise terminal** is very busy. More than 100 deep-sea vessels and nearly 800 river boats call there annually. The terminal is a 15-minute walk from Central Station, near the Eastern Docklands district, from where you can access city buses, trolley tours and boats for canals. Felison Terminal is a 30-minute bus ride from Amsterdam. For river boat cruises, the wharf used is behind the central station on the IJ River, along a long street called Ruyterkade.

Travelling around the port of Amsterdam

How to get from Amsterdam airport to the port

Taxis are still the fastest mode of transport. It will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to make this journey.

From the airport you can also take the train to Central Station and make the rest of the journey on foot (20 minutes) or by tram #26.

You can also book a private transfer by car or by bus.

At the tourist information kiosk in the terminal, you can purchase the [I Amsterdam card] which offers unlimited public transport and discounts in most museums. This card is available for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.

Amsterdam is a great walk away. The five concentric channels are good landmarks. You can also take a short boat trip to visit the canals. Cycling is king in Amsterdam and it is possible to rent them at Central Station.

The 326 bus connects Central Station and stops just in front of the cruise terminal, tram 16 will take you to the city centre. The Hop On Hop Off boat, circulate on the canals with stops at all the main sites of the city, is an easy way to get around, as you can get up and down all day for a fixed price.

Hop On Hop Off buses are also available and packages also include boat trips on the canals.

Other ports in the area

Activities in Amsterdam


Canal cruise

A cruise aboard a boat on the canals takes about 1.5 hours. The departure is from the port in front of the Central Station.

Red Light District

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, but it is well supervised. You will see ladies in the shop windows waiting for customers. The area is safe during the day, but changes at night. Be careful, it is forbidden to take pictures of the ladies in the windows.

Flower Market

The flower market floating on the Singel Canal is a colorful sight, filled with freshly cut flowers.


This unique town hall, built in the mid-17th century, was transformed into a palace by Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Louis, when he was king in the early 19th century. No one lives in the Royal Palace, it is now used only for ceremonies.


In April and May, this 20-hectare park, maintained by an association of Dutch bulb growers, is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, with some seven million colourful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other bulbous flowers. The garden is about an hour’s drive away.


This world-class museum exhibits masterpieces of painting by Hals, Vermeer, Steen and Rembrandt.

The world’s largest collection of works by the Dutch master can be found here, as well as paintings by Van Gogh’s contemporaries - Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Sisley and others.

A beautiful museum tracing the life of Anne Frank, who wrote her diary there during the Second World War at the age of 13. Eight people lived in this space, barely daring to speak out loud for more than two years, hoping in vain to escape the Nazis.

It is a reconstruction of the house built in 1639 when Rembrandt was at the height of his fame. The rooms, furnished with objects and works of art from the master’s time, include his kitchen, the workshop where he made his engravings and a gallery.

Located in the 17th century buildings of the city’s former orphanage, This museum shows how a small fishing village has become a world power and offers many paintings by Dutch masters. Paintings are also hung in the covered street between the buildings which also leads to a small enclave of 14th century houses.

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is home to the largest collection of modern and contemporary art and design in the Netherlands.

Small branch of the beautiful st. Petersburg museum.

Excursions in Amsterdam

Most tours will combine city tours, boat tours on canals and a visit to one of the major museums. Other out-of-town excursions will allow you to see windmills.

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