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To get to the port of Stockholm your cruise ship will take a scenic route through the archipelago that makes up this part of Sweden. Notice the fisherman’s nets hanging on the shore.

Stockholm, which was founded in 1252, is built on 14 islands. Gamla Stan, the old town, is the main attraction of the city. You will immediately be charmed by the colorful buildings of the 16th century and their black roof. In this area you will find the Royal Palace that you can visit. The winding streets of this district are built of stone.

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Swedish. English is taught as a second language in schools.


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UTC: 1

from New York: +6h

from San Francisco: +8h

from London: +1h


A small tip will be appreciated in restaurants and taxis (round the bill).

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MonthTemperature (Celcius)Temperature (Fahrenheit)Precipitations
-5 23
-1 30
-1 31
-5 22
-1 30
-1 31
-3 27
2 35
3 37
1 34
6 43
9 47
6 43
11 53
16 60
11 52
16 60
21 69
13 56
19 66
22 72
13 55
18 64
20 69
9 48
13 56
15 59
5 42
8 46
10 50
1 33
4 38
5 40
-3 26
1 33
1 34

Where is locate the Port of Stockholm

There are several main docks in central Stockholm. Small ships can dock near Gamla Stan (Skeppsbron). Larger ships could dock at Stadsgården or Frihamnen. Stadsgården is more convenient because you will be able to see the old town of your ship. If you are docked at Frihamnen, you can take the 76 (southbound) bus to the Vasa Museum or Gamla Stan. Tickets must be prepaid at the kiosk on the pier and tickets are good for one hour.

Travelling around the port of Stockholm

How to get from Stockholm airport to the port

Taxi or private transport is probably the best option for a direct journey between the port and the airport.

On the other hand, if you are staying in the centre of the city or want to spend a few hours there before reaching the port or airport, the Alandra Express train connects Stockholm Airport and Stockholm Central Station.

You can store your luggage for a few hours on the 2nd floor of the Ahlens City store, a short walk from the train station (see route). You will also find a tourist information centre there.

Several private or group transportation options are also available.

If you are docked near the city, everything is within walking distance.

An interesting option is to take the Hop on Hop off boat which will allow you to see the city from a different perspective and go to the Vasa Museum.

It’s also possible to combine a bus ride with a boat ride to discover the city. In addition, they go to the Frihamnen cruise terminal.

Other ports in the area

Activities in Stockholm


Gamla Stan

Stockholm’s old town with a main square, Stortorget.


You can attend the changing of the guard ceremony which takes place daily at 12:15 p.m. during the summer (one hour later on Sundays and public holidays).Visiting the royal apartments is also possible.

This building is the place where the Nobel Prizes ceremony take place (other than the Peace Nobel Prize awarded in Oslo). The building has some impressive rooms.


Nobel Museum tells the story of Alfred Nobel and pays tribute to Nobel laureates.

This museum is dedicated to the 17th century warship Vasa which is remarkably preserved because it sank on its maiden voyage. If you don’t use the hop-on boat, hop-off, you will need to take a tram or bus to get there.

Stockholm’s ABBA The Museum is an interactive space for ABBA fans to learn about the legendary Swedish band’s history.

The Swedish National Museum (also referred to as the National Museum of Fine Arts) is the national gallery of Sweden, located in central Stockholm.

Rebate cards

The Stockholm Pass is a sightseeing package which grants visitors free entry to over 60 top attractions, museums and tours in Stockholm

Excursions in Stockholm

Different excursions combine the attractions mentioned above.

  • Walking tours are a great way to discover Stockholm
  • A bike tour is also offered for those who want to get some physical exercise while discovering the city.
  • You can visit an Ice Bar Icebar Stockholm
  • A different option, for those who are brave and do not fall victim to vertigo, is the historic tower of the roofs, where you can walk about 130 feet above the city, atop the old Parliament building. Up to 10 participants at a time can circle the roof with helmets and safety harnesses attached to a steel cable. The cable follows a 980-metre-long metal walkway - about a foot wide. This tour is often offered among ship trips, but you can also book independently from Takvandring.

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