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St. Petersburg

The port of St. Petersburg is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia.

Upon arrival, you will be “welcomed” by customs officers in military suits and looking very strict. But once in the city you will discover a wonderful place. You will see the imprints of communism in architecture and monuments as well as magnificent royal palaces filled with history.

Most cruise stops spend two days in St. Petersburg. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy this city.

Museums and attractions are not air-conditioned and for most of them, you have to buy a permit from the guide to take pictures or video.

St. Petersburg was the capital of Imperial Russia from 1712 to 1914 and remains the cultural capital of Russia. St. Petersburg changed its name several times and was renamed Petrograd from 1914 to 1924, Leningrad from 1924 to 1991, before regaining its original name following a referendum in 1991. Big names are linked to St. Petersburg, including Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky. Be sure to take a cruise on the canals of the city nicknamed “Venice of the North”.

WARNING: You must have a visa to visit St. Petersburg alone. However, this is not necessary if you take the boat trips, as you will be covered by the group visa.

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UTC: 3

from New York: +8h

from San Francisco: +10h

from London: +3h


A 10% tip will be appreciated in restaurants.

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MonthTemperature (Celcius)Temperature (Fahrenheit)Precipitations
-9 16
-6 21
-4 26
-9 16
-6 21
-3 26
-4 24
-1 29
2 35
1 34
4 40
9 47
7 44
11 52
16 60
12 53
16 60
20 68
14 58
18 65
22 72
13 55
16 62
20 68
8 47
11 52
14 58
3 38
6 42
8 47
-2 28
-0 32
2 35
-6 20
-4 25
-2 29

Where is locate the Port of St. Petersburg

The "Marine façade" port on Vasilyevsky Island is about a 15-minute taxi ride from St. Petersburg. Smaller boats can dock along the Neva River at the English Wharf or at Lieutenant Schmidt's wharf closer to the centre of the city.

Travelling around the port of St. Petersburg

The simplest and safest solution is to take the excursions offered by the cruise line.

Other ports in the area

Activities in St. Petersburg

Historical sites

This palace was the summer residence of Russian royalty. Don’t forget to visit the famous Amber Room.

Famous for gravity-powered fountains. The palace is sometimes open, for groups of tourists of cruises, earlier and during days closed to the public . The fountains are in operation around 11am.


You can climb into the dome of this church for an extra fee. Closed Wednesdays.

This Russian Orthodox church is built in the traditional Russian architectural style and its interior is completely covered with mosaics (7,000 square meters). Closed Wednesdays.

Under the high spire of the cathedral you will find the tombs of the Russian tsars.


The former Winter Palace built by Elisabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, now houses one of the largest art collections in the world. Groups of tourists on cruise ship excursions can visit the main galleries that are open to them before regular opening hours and on Mondays (because usually closed). If you visit the museum on your own, buy tickets online to avoid waiting in long lines.

Russian Museum of Fine Arts. Don’t miss the Mikhailovsky Gardens which are adjacent to the museum.

The Fabergé Museum is a tribute to Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé and showcases Russia’s treasured series of Fabergé eggs alongside a collection of Russian art, jewelry, and artifacts.

Excursions in St. Petersburg

Private operators, who are certified to transport visitors without an individual visa, offer excursions. Tours must be purchased in advance (making sure the blanket visa is included) from sites like Viator or companies such as SPB tours, Alla and TJ Travel. You must show your booking confirmation in order to get off the boat.

There are a multitude of excursions combining the attractions mentioned above.

  • 2-day tours are generally available and allow you to see the majority of sites and attractions of interest.
  • A canal cruise gives a different perspective on the city.
  • If you stay two days, you can use your evening to see a Russian ballet or a folk show.

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