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The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík, located in the far north-west of Europe. Almost half of Iceland’s population lives in this city where the sun shines almost 24 hours a day in the summer. Cruise ships stop in Reykjavik between May and October. In winter, the night lastst 20 hours, which doesn’t stop residents from defying the coldness in the pubs and thanks to their distinct humour.

Iceland’s landscape of volcanic soils is described as lunar. The painted houses brightened the landscape. Geothermal energy draws on the heat produced by volcanoes to produce energy. This region is known for its fishing gastronomy, for its handicrafts and for making unique woolly sweaters.

Useful Information


Icelandic (the majority of residents also speak English, several posters are also in English)


Icelandic króna - Credit cards are accepted in most businesses. It is not possible to convert your crowns to other coins in Iceland, so be sure to withdraw only the amount you will need for your stay.

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Time difference

UTC: -1

from New York: +4h

from San Francisco: +6h

from London: -1h


None are required (except for your tour guides), but you can round up the bill (exept for you guides)

°C °F

MonthTemperature (Celsius)Temperature (Fahrenheit)Precipitations
-20 -3
-1 31
10 50
-18 0
0 33
9 49
-16 2
1 33
13 55
-16 2
3 37
15 58
-8 18
6 43
19 66
-1 31
9 48
20 67
1 35
11 51
24 76
1 34
10 51
20 68
-4 24
7 45
19 65
-11 13
4 40
14 56
-13 9
1 34
11 52
-17 2
-0 32
11 51

Where is locate the Port of Reykjavík

The smaller ships dock in the centre of the city in the Old Port, but most ships use the Skarfabakki wharf which is located 3km from the centre of the city. The Cruise Passenger Visitor Centre offers tourist information services, shops, toilets, telephone and internet.

Travelling around the port of Reykjavik

How to get from Reykjavík airport to the port

Keflavik International Airport is located 50km from Reykjavíkport. Taxis are availabe 24 hours a day at the airport.

A bus transfer service is available and the journey to Reykjavík will take 45 minutes. Wi-Fi is free on the bus. Buy your tickets online before you leave.

The public transport will take you more than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Private transport are available.


A shuttle bus is usually available to get to the centre of the city. Tickets are on sale at the port shop (10 euro or 14 euro for a round trip in 2014) Otherwise, a paved path (Shore walk) along the sea also goes to the center of the city, mall it takes at least 45 minutes to walk. Points of interest in the centre of the city are within walking distance of each other.

A transit service is also in operation.

A Hop on Hop off tour bus service is operated by City Sightseeing. A public transit service is also in operation.

Activities in Reykjavik

Rebate cards

The Reykjavik Welcome Card gives you free access to public transit and several museums and municipal swimming pools, plus discounts at other museums and restaurants.


Old Town

A walking tour of the Old Town will allow you to enjoy the bustling old harbour, colourful buildings and the sculptures and murals you will come across on your way.


Église Hallgrmskirkja

This unique church is a symbol of the city. An elevator take you to an observation deck.


Museum on the history of the Vikings. Scenes are recreated to demonstrate the history of the first inhabitants of Iceland. Audioguide available in French.

This small museum about Iceland’s history is located on the southwest corner of the pond (Tjorn).

This museum has two exhibitions. The Arbaer Museum, an open-air museum of 30 buildings that show how the people of Reykjavik lived. The exhibition Reykjavik 871± 2 is based on the discovery of a house dating back 871 (± two years). You can also see Viking artifacts found nearby.

This museum is composed of three buildings scattered throughout the city. The building housing contemporary art, located near the Old Port, is the easiest to access. The other two buildings have paintings and sculptures and are accessible by taxi.


A hot water storage facility transformed into a tourist attraction with restaurants and observation decks. free.

These artificial geothermal-heated pools are part of a health centre. They were created during the construction of the geothermal power plant when the water ceased to be absorbed by the ground. The minerals that have been deposited at the bottom give it this color. The property is 40 minutes from the city centre. Tour companies offer express buses from the BSI bus terminal. Open 9 hours a day in summer and 10 hours rest of the season. Entrance 30 euros includes locker (rental of extra towels).

Excursions in Reykjavik

  • Golden Circle - To see a Geyser, the gullfoss waterfall (the widest in Europe) and Thingvellir, a national park, site of Europe’s first parliament, where you can observe the meeting of the tectonic plates of Europe and America.
  • Volcanoes and Glaciers - Different excursions will allow you to see volcanoes and/or glaciers. From helicopter tours to 4X4 tours , there’s something for everyone.
  • Horse Riding - discovering Iceland’s landscapes on horseback.
  • Whale and Bird Watching (Puffins) - These tours are offered by your cruise line or from the Old Port via Special Tours
  • City tour - Several city tours (on foot or by bus) are offered and also combine other attractions such as a swim at the Blue lagoon or a visit to museums.
  • Bike Tour and bike hire

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Solutions to avoid seasickness on a cruise

Seasickness is caused by conflicting signals sent to the brain through the inner ear and the eyes. The inner ear senses movement that the eyes cannot see, causing discomfort and nausea.

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