Cruises are becoming more and more popular, but why go on a cruise? Each year, an impressive number of new vessels are added to the fleet of cruise lines. A wider choice of itineraries and cruise style is available to travellers. But is cruising a mode of travel that suits you? Many travellers have adopted it. Here are some reasons why.

Discover multiple destinations

Many destinations can be visited almost exclusively on cruises. This is the case for Alaska and the Galapagos Islands. For other regions such as the Scandinavian countries, the Greek islands and even the Caribbean, this mode of travel allows you to see many more places in a shorter time than a traditional trip. You visit during the day and the ship moves at night while you sleep… or party.

Value for money

The value for money for a cruise is excellent. The cost per night is very competitive. The price of the cruise includes the cabin and meals as well as several activities to entertain you. If you’re careful not to overspend on alcohol, at specialty restaurants and at the casino, this is a cost-effective way to travel.


On a cruise you can relax. Once the Embarkation is complete, you will unpack your suitcases without having to redo them until the end of the journey. The attentive staff take care of all your needs. The majority of ships are luxurious and offer all the services that luxury hotels offer and more.


No need to walk the streets in search of the restaurant where you can eat well without being fooled by tourist traps. Meals on board ships are of excellent quality. You can also choose between the traditional dining room and the specialty restaurants. There is always an open restaurant, be it the buffet or a snack bar.

Activities on board

On board, there are activities for all tastes: spa, gym, swimming pools, casino, theather and bars. Some ships even have climbing walls, slides, mini-golf courses, basketball courts, bowling alleys and even ice rinks. All this in addition to lectures, on different topics, given by experts. In the evening, many shows take place in the theather or in the bars and other public places of the ship.


Each stopover has many shore excursionsfor all tastes and types of travelers. Bus rides for people who want to minimise physical activities. Mountain hikes or cycling, golf days, scuba diving or sea kayaking activities for the sportiest. There is an option for everyone. In addition, by choosing the cruise line excursions, you can be sure that they have chosen the best estour operator and that you will return safely and in time for departure.

So what are you waiting to book your first cruise?