Why should you book your cruise with a travel agency? What are the advantages of buying a cruise package from a travel agency rather than doing it directly from the cruise line? There are several reasons to buy your trip from a recognized travel agency.

The service offered by a travel agency

The travel agent can bring you the knowledge of the industry and the experience of other travellers. He can advise you on itineraries that suit your needs, show you routes you wouldn’t have thought of, and advise you on the choice of your cabin.

Traveller Compensation Fund

In some jurisdictions, when you buy from a travel agency, you will be covered by laws and travel protection funds. This protects you in the event that one of the travel providers does not render the services you purchased. For example, the bankruptcy of an airline. You do not benefit from this protection if you buy directly from the supplier.

Additional offers or discounts

With their purchasing power, some agencies can also offer you discounts or additional offers for certain trips. Whether it’s a free bottle of wine or loyalty points. Special offers from cruise lines are also available through a travel agent. You will also enjoy all the benefits of frequent cruise line travellers program.

Organised travel

Many travel agencies book several cabins for certain itineraries and can offer group travel. Thus, you will travel with other passengers from your region and will be accompanied by a representative of the agency. Some of these agencies also organise excursions to the ports visited. Of course, this option is less flexible in terms of dates and itineraries.

Book directly with the cruise line

The only advantage to booking directly with the cruise line is in the flexibility of being able to do it online or over the phone at almost any time of the day.