You are shopping for a cruise vacation and want to know what is included in the price of a cruise and what the hidden costs are? Cruises have a good value and include many inclusions such as accommodation, meals and quality entertainment. Also, you can visit several destinations in a single trip without paying additional transportation fees between the places visited. Of course, you need to know what is not included in the price to avoid any surprises and plan the right budget for your trip.

The advertise price

The advertise price does not usually include taxes and port fees. These are added to the booking and are usually listed under the price displayed in smaller print.


Tips are generally not included in the cruise price except for some luxury cruise lines or riverboats. Most companies will charge you daily tips on your ship onboardd account. See the article on Tipping for more details. However, some companies will charge you tips at the time of booking if you select the formula with the open sitting for dinner.

What is included in the price of a cruise:

  • Your cabin
  • Meals at the buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner and more) and dinner in the main dining room.
  • The main dining room is sometimes open for lunch or dinner.
  • Some specialized restaurants
  • Filter coffee, tea, water and some juice or iced tea in fountain.
  • Brodway-style shows and musicians, singers and comedians in some bars.
  • Many activities on board such as lectures, demonstrations, games
  • The use of the pool and whirlpools
  • Sports field
  • Access to the fitness centre
  • Programs for children and teenagers
  • Access to the library and board games

What is not included in the price of a cruise

Cruise lines are offering more and more activities to meet the tastes of all types of passengers. Some fees are not included in the price of a cruise. It is important to be aware of this. You can have a lot of fun without spending extra money on the boat. Generally speaking, the following are not included in the price:

  • Tips
  • Coffees, specialty tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Some shows or dinner shows
  • Some specialty restaurants that charge an entrance fee or have an à la carte menu
  • Shore excursions
  • Access and treatments to the spa
  • Classes at fitness centers
  • Games at the casino
  • Laundry service
  • Some paid activities (bumper cars, bowling, arcades)
  • Internet access
  • The photos taken by the ship photographers
  • Medical services

All-inclusive cruises

Some luxury or river boat companies offer all-inclusive cruises. Some companies also offer all-inclusive packages for suite customers. So wine, tips, specialty restaurants and even excursions can be included. Validate with your travel agent what is included as it varies from company to company. Cruise travel is a cost-effective way to travel. Just determine your priorities to spend on what will make your vacation the best experience for you!