You are about to go on a cruise and you wonder which type of cabin to choose. Here are some tips to help you choose the cabin that’s right for you.

The location of the cabin

The cabins in the centre of the ship are the ones that offer the most stability in rough seas. If you suffer from seasickness,it may be wise to reserve a cabin in the center of the ship. These cabins are usually a little more expensive. Cabins at the front and rear of the vessel are less expensive. At the front, you will feel the movement of the waves. At the rear, you may feel the vibration of the engines.

What surrounds the cabin

When choosing a cabin, pay attention to what is near it. Elevators, a service area such as laundry or a staircase for the crew can be a source of noise. Also, pay attention to what’s above and below your cabin on the other decks. A theater, a restaurant, the pool deck can also generate noise.

Cabin type

Inside cabin

The interior cabins are the cheapest. They are usually located on the lower decks or in the centre of the ship. These cabins are usually as spacious as the sea-view cabins, but do not have a window which can be an issue for people suffering from claustrophobia. If you like to sleep in complete darkness and spend a lot of time at the pool or on decks, this type of cabin can be a good choice.

Oceanview cabin

This category has a range of prices, depending on whether the view is obstructed or not. Most of these cabins are on the lower decks and on the deck with the lifeboats. A good compromise not to pay too much while seeing the light of day.


The cabins with balconies are the most popular. They allow you to see the landscapes and relax on the private balcony. It is always interesting to go out on your balcony in the morning, when the boat arrives at the port, to admire the scenery or in the evening, to admire the sunsets. If your itinerary is dedicated to nature and landscapes (Alaska, Norway Fjords, autumn colors), the cabin with balcony is a very good choice.


The concierge-class cabins are balcony cabins for which you have a few extra services. Depending on the cruise line, you’ll have more luxurious bath or bedding products, a choice of pillows, a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival and small canapés every day before dinner.


The suites are more spacious balcony cabins, but the most expensive. They offer maximum comfort and luxury. In most ships, suite passengers have access to a restaurant reserved for this cabin class at breakfast and dinner. In the cabin, all the little extras are included (minibar, luxury bath products and bedding, espresso machines, whirlpool bath, etc.) Some companies also offer internet minutes, seats reserved for shows, laundry service, unlimited dinner in specialty restaurants and other small luxuries. Passengers in the suites also have access to priority embarkment and disembarkment. The service of a butler is also offered to unpack, the delivery of small canapés every day before dinner and other special attentions.


In the final weeks before departure, cruise lines try to maximize their profits and generally offer upgrades to some passengers. This can allow you to experience a suite at a much lower price. Generally, these offers are made primarily to customers who have already travelled with the company. You can also book a guaranteed cabin category which can save you money. However, you will not be able to choose the location of your cabin.

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What are your criteria for choosing a cabin?