How you spend the day on a cruise depends on your interests.  With the many activities offered, you can easily enjoy a holiday tailored to your desires.


If you stop at a port and have booked an excursion you will probably need to get up early.  After breakfast at the buffet or in the main dining room, you will join the other passengers who take part in the tour.  Your excursion will last from a few hours to a full day.   If your excursion is a full day long, a lunch will probably be provided and included in the price of the excursion (reffer to the tour description).

If you celebrated the day before or if it’s a day at sea, you may want to have a quiet morning. The buffet is usually open continuously, so you can show up at the time that suits you best. The main dining room is often only open for breakfast on sea day. The fitness centre is open early in the morning and also offers group classes every day.

How a day on a cruise goes

The pool and whirlpool baths are less crowded in the morning. So you can find a sun lounger by the pool more easily. If you have children, they will be able to participate in the activities organized for them while you enjoy a few quiet moments.

Day at sea

During the day at sea, a host of activities are organized to entertain the passengers. Many of these activities are free, but others are paid for. Bingo, quizzes, cooking demonstration, napkin folding demonstration, lectures, film screenings are on the menu. The casino and shops are open. In bars, alcohol, wine or beer tasting activities are organised.

For peace and calm, you can take refuge in the library to read or borrow a book or you can gather in the games room to play cards or a board game. You can also enjoy a day at the spa or one of the treatments offered there. The various cruise lines compete with ingenuity to offer more and more activities on their ships. Water slides, mini-golf, zip lines, bumper cars, surfing or skydiving simulation are just a few examples of the innovations on offer.


Enjoy the beautiful sunsets on one of the open decks or from your balcony. You can then go to one of the many bars for the happy hour to enjoy the performance of an artist (musician or singer).


For dinner, there are several options available to you. The main dining room offers a gourmet dinner in an elegant environment. You can also explore one of the specialty restaurants. Some of them are free, but most charge an entrance fee or have an à la carte menu. The buffet is also open and offers a more casual formula.


In the evening, the bars offer performances by comedians, musicians and singers. The main theatre offers Broadway-style shows a few times during the cruise. You can also participate in fun quizzes organized by the entertainment team. The casino and shops will open some time after the ship leaves the port. Later, you can dance until the early hours of the morning at the disco.

Cruises offer the possibility to create a holiday tailored to you. It’s up to you to make the most of your day on a cruise!