Seasickness is caused by conflicting signals sent to the brain through the inner ear and eyes. The inner ear perceives a movement that the eyes do not see, causing discomfort and nausea.

Each person has a different tolerance to the ship’s movements. If you experience motion sickness in the car or on a plane, you may be disturbed by the ship’s movements.

But rest assured, modern ships have stabilization systems and you can hardly perceive the movements when the sea is calm. Of course, some seas are more capricious than others and when there is a storm, the sea is more rough.

Tips to prevent or relieve the symptoms of seasickness

Monitor your diet. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fatty or spicy dishes. You still have to eat lightly, because an empty stomach can amplify the problem.

Book an outdoor cabin in the middle of the ship. This is the place where you will feel the least the movements.

Keep your mind busy in order to outwit your brain, but not on tasks that require too much concentration.

Do not read or use binoculars for extended time.

Find a place on the ship where there is less movement and where you see the horizon. So you will perceive the movement of the ship with your eyes. Spend as much time outdoors on deck as possible. In addition to seeing the horizon, you will enjoy the great outdoors.

Natural solutions against seasickness

Ginger have properties that diminish seasickness. You can eat it in your dishes, in the form of herbal tea, candy or even tablets. Gravol has put ginger tablets on the market.

Pressure bracelets on wrist acupuncture points are also available in pharmacies. You must wear these bracelets on both arms.

Pressure bracelets

Effective seasickness drugs

The Transderm stamp containing scopolamine is used by several passengers. You must get a prescription from your doctor. The stamp must be affixed behind the ear 6 to 12 hours before departure. The stamp is effective for a period of three days, after which it has to be replaced. This long-lasting solution can be effective for people who are very sensitive to motion sickness.

Medications in tablet form can also treat seasickness. These drugs, such as Dramamine, Meclizine or Diphenhydramine, can cause drowsiness and have a duration of effectiveness of a few hours. These are short-term solutions, which are effective in the case of storms that cause more movement on the boat. These tablets are usually available free of charge at the customer service counter on board the boat.

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