Want to save on alcohol on your next cruise? Here are some tips to help you. Not all cruise lines have the same deals, but you can certainly save money by having the following tips in mind.

All-inclusive beverage package

If you are a (very) heavy drinker, it may be profitable to make the purchase of a beverage package. But make sure you do the math and choose the type of package that works best for you. For more information, see the article about cruise lines drink packages. You can sometimes get those packages for free at the time you book your cruise when cruise lines offer promotions.

Buy a bottle of wine instead of wine by the glass

Wine costs less by the bottle than by the glass. If you don’t consume the whole bottle of wine at dinner, it is possible to ask the waiter to keep it in the cellar for another day. Be sure to put the cork on the bottle to prevent the waiter from serving you again and ask them to store the bottle at the end of the meal. He will give you a ticket to pick up the bottle another night, at any restaurant.

Wine bottles package

Some companies offer wine bottles packages on the first day of the trip. So you can buy a certain number of bottles in advance at a discounted price. Combined with the previous advice, this can make you save money on wine.

Alcohol Set

If you have a cocktail or a favourite drink, you can buy a set that includes a bottle of spirits and cans of soft drinks to make your own cocktails in your cabin. These sets are often sold only before departure on the cruise company’s website.

Beer bottle buckets

Buying buckets of beer bottles can save you money, as you will get five bottles for the price of four.

Bring your wine

Some companies allow you to bring a limited number of bottles of wine or champagne on the day of boarding only. You must consume this alcohol in your cabin. See the article Is it possible to bring alcohol on cruise ships to learn more.

Discover the cocktail of the day

Some companies promote a discounted cocktail of the day. You can save a few dollars and discover new cocktails.

Enjoy the Happy Hour

Usually offered in a specific bar for a specified time period, the Happy Hour, where alcohol is offered at 2 for 1, is very advantageous. Look at your daily program to know in wich bar this promotion is offered.

Take part in alcohol tastings

Beer, whiskey, martini and Mojito tastings are available in bars. You can try 5 to 6 versions of your favorite beverage while listening to the bartender’s information. Glasses are smaller, but it’s a good deal, as the cost of these activities is usually between $15 to $20.

Enjoy free alcohol on a cruise

Alcohol is offered free of charge to attract passengers at art auctions and in shops. The captain can also hold a captain’s toast. If you like sparkling wine, participate in these events.

Enjoy your frequent cruiser status

If you travel frequently with the same cruise line, your frequent cruiser status will earn you a invitation at receptions where alcohol is free and flowing. Also, in the upper levels of some of these programs you can attend a free wine tasting or have a bottle of sparkling wine in your room on the day of departure.

Book a suite

If you book certain types of cabins, you may have a bottle of sparkling wine in your cabin at the start of the cruise. Also more and more companies are offering free alcohol packages to people who book suites.

Choose a luxury cruise line

Luxury cruise lines mostly include alcohol in the price of the trip. River boats are also mostly all-inclusive.

Be loyal to your travel agent

He may well offer you a bottle of wine that will be waiting for you in your cabin every time you travel.

Take advantage of your stopovers for a drink

Encourage the local economy and visit the bars and bistros in your port of call. Alcohol is cheaper and the tips more reasonable than the 18% automatically added to your bill on many cruise lines.

You have other tips to save on alcohol on a cruise, leave a comment!