Cruise ships are suitable places for the spread of diseases, such as Noroviruses, which cause many inconveniences. In order not to spend part of your cruise in the bathroom of your cabin, here are some hygiene tips that will decrease the chances of contracting one of these viruses.

Declare if you are sick when boarding your cruise

Upon boarding, you will be asked to fill out a health card. Out of respect for other passengers, be honest and declare your cold or stomach flu. This way, the cruise line will be able to help you and take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus to other passengers. If stomach flu occurs during the cruise, the doctor’s consultation will generally be free.

Wash your hands regularly

Wash your hands every time you use the bathrooms and every time you return or leave your cabin.

Use Hand Sanitizer gel

At the entrances to restaurants, public spaces and when you return to the boat, the majority of cruise lines provide dispensers of disinfectant gel. Use it!

Avoid public restrooms

Always go back to your cabin to go to the bathroom. Use public restrooms as little as possible. If you do, wash your hands and keep the paper towel to open the door when leaving the bathroom.

No handshake

Do not shake hands with other passengers and crew. Hands spread disease.

Food during stopovers

Be careful during stopovers. Depending on the country you visit, it may be best to consume only bottled water. Watch out for the food. Cruise lines’ excursions choose safe restaurants and do not hesitate to switch suppliers or cancel stops at restaurants that have caused problems. In fact, companies communicate with each other to report problems in a port and inform passengers.

These few rules, simple to apply, will allow youto spend a nice holiday and keep the norovirus away.